Results Day

(May 7th)

Darling, I’m on the train. Bercow held Buckingham (as he would do) with 48% (down from 58% last year though) and John Stevens in second place on 22%. Farage, to my surprise, got 21%, which is fairly high for UKIP in a conservative constituency. Overall, pretty unsurprising. Did you really have to do a recount on that? It wasn’t really worth waiting til 2.30 for (PM!)

Poor Farage, that plane crash he was in this mornign looked really terrible; a miraculous escape. He’s currently in hosptital, and probably won’t be around when the count takes place. I feel a bit sorry for him, he did lead a moderate campaign in Buckingham.

what an exciting night! Labour ended on 258 seats, 29% of the popular vote, which was a lot more than the party, and the people expected. Gordon’s popularity hasn’t exactly been rocketing the past few years, months and days even, in particular the ‘bigot’ comments of last week. The Tories’ gains in popularity I had anticipated – Britain has reverted back to Blue (even Milton Keynes – my local city).

However, my real shock is the lack of Lib-Dem seats; they even lost some overall, despite polling in 23% of the popular vote. This highlights such a clear flaw in our voting system, it just isn’t fair. Admittedly, the ‘Cleggmania’ which took hold after the first leaders debate clearly didn’t catch on. Maybe people aren’t ready for the much change yet. Alternatively, and more realistically, people are living in a down to earth society, and need some tougher direction to get the country back on track, which perhaps the Conservatives can offer.

At the moment, we’re looking at a hung parliament, which is almost spot on what the exit polls predicted at 10pm. However, what that will mean is still being speculated. A Labour-Lib coaltion perhaps? This may allow constitutional reform to finally take place, but Clegg would be very reluctant to hold un an unpopular Brown, who less people voted for. The Conservatives are very keen for talks with the Liberal Democrats, yet a niggle in me tells me it won’t come to much, I can see Clegg being walked over, and little promise for electoral reform. Sad-face.

But hey! I’m on the train, I don’t have a clue what’s going on right now. For all I know the BNP could have won the entire south of the country and be marching towards the commons with their armies. (On a side note, how pleased are we all that Nick Griffin lost his seat? Yes, I am.) Anyway, back to the morning paper. Newspapers, TV and radio will be flooding my boyfriends flat this evening whether he likes it or not.

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