Students march for education

Approximately 50 students took part in a protest and march across university this afternoon (Wednesday 8 December) in protest against Government plans to make drastic cuts to universities and increase tuition fees.

Protesters gathered on the piazza between at around 12pm before taking up banners and signs and marching through campus to University House as part of the Warwick SU campaign which opposes all fee increases and cuts.

University House was blocked off by barriers and around 12 Warwick security members and two police officers were present.

Sean Ruston, the Education Officer and Megan Fortune, the Campaigns Forum Co-ordinator made speeches condemning the cuts to higher education and proposed tuition fee rises and encouraging a continued campaign to oppose the proposals.

The majority of students returned to the piazza, while a group of five protesters remained in University House and took part in a meeting with the University Registrar, his deputy and the Head of Communications, Peter Dunn.

They discussed the Vice Chancellor’s position on the cuts and fee increases, the transparency of University finance and the problem of funding higher education.

More action is planned for tomorrow when Warwick SU joins thousands of other students in London to lobby MPs to vote against the proposed tuition fee rises.

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