An old love of everything

Ten year old Tash … very wise.

I love the numbness when you run your fingers over the netting in the tennis courts

I love the coolness of the shade on a summer’s day
I love the buzzing in the hallway on the first day back at school
I love the pounding of your feet on the ground when you go for a run
I love the smell of your duvet when it’s just been washed
I love the breath of air on your face when the wind blows
I love the bass vibrating through the floor
I love the shock when you think there’s another step on the stairs
I love the buzz of the computer when you’ve just turned it off
I love the tweeting of the birds in the morning
I love the way piano keys bounce
I love the roar of the thunder in the dark
I love the comfort of hot flames on the back of your hand
I love the freshness when you step outside in winter and shiver
I love the look in their eyes when they see you and smile

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