Give it a rest Jim, we can’t fix it.

Heads have begun rolling in the latest revelation in the Jimmy Savile affair.

It emerged yesterday that Newsnight editor, Peter Rippon, responsible for dropping a report into Savile’s sexual abuse claims has temporarily stepped aside.

Yes, the allegations, both in scale and circumstance, are despicable. Sadly, there is little that can be done now.

The complete media fixation with the Savile saga is ironic in itself, not least because of the vested interest the BBC have in the case.

These atrocities, should the allegations reflect the truth, cannot be condoned. That is simply out of the question. Whilst it is vital for us to discover exactly what occurred during these instances, this obsessive fixation over the details of the alleged offences will do nothing to satisfy the victims nor the public.

The desperate desire, stimulated by the media, encourages the public to crave information, and poses questions about how the scandal could have remained unreported and concealed for so long.

Yet learning of the context surrounding this complex affair will, in turn, do no more than generate increased anger, frustration and disbelief.

In order to feel resolution, we must experience reassurance that the matter is being dealt with. We must know some action will be taken – whether that be a public apology, punishment or an inquiry. The BBC, authorities and those involved need to exert confidence in attempting to rectify the situation and put measures in place to ensure it never occurs in any form again.

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One response to “Give it a rest Jim, we can’t fix it.

  1. Anne Clark

    Well balanced article and well written
    but I didn’t like the title – I got the feeling
    that you ( and possibly lots of young people
    who didn’t know Jimmy Savile) have had
    enough of this story. For me it just beggars belief that he could have got away with this and the more I hear about it the more sick I feel. There is also increasing public perception that once again the authorities can’t be trusted to look after us. Those who did not know him will therefore have to bear with the media for a bit longer until this awful situation can in some way be put to bed.

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