Why hire me? Perfect tea, cupcakes and puppies…


Dear Sir/Madam,

Hi, I’m Natasha and I’m looking for work experience in journalism.

Let me try and entice you to hire me…

My name is Natasha Clark (do click this link to my Strikingly – it’s much more creative and visually appealing!) and I am a recent History and Politics graduate from Warwick, and soon-to-be MA Journalism student at City University. I am inquiring about internships and work experience placements with you. We are recommended to get placements during our breaks, to find out more about the industry and expand our skills and knowledge.
Firstly, let me apologise, as I am sure you are inundated with emails every day asking for work experience. I hope you can forgive my sins – I will try and keep it as short and sweet as possible!
I am looking for placements from the 16th December 2013 – 24th January and then from 7th April – 2nd May 2014 in a variety of roles; editing, writing (anything, but specifically I am interested in news, politics, education, media), producing, or general admin. I look forward to hearing from you.
Why should you hire me?
  • I’m ginger. My hair colour alone will brighten up any office
  • I’m outgoing and persistent. I will do anything once (I mean anything!)
  • I work for Pret a Manger. Aside from incredible lunches, you won’t find anyone else who is more likely to remember your coffee order and get it perfect every time
  • I am ready. I have done work experience for Total Politics, The Times, The Press Association, The Coventry Telegraph, and written for the Guardian, Huffington Post and many other publications. I also report for What’s New In Publishing, and co-edit Wannabe Hacks.
  • I’m Twitter-happy. I am engaged and tuned in to all kinds of social media – Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram. I’m the social media queen
  • I am a great cook. This will almost certainly mean a number of baked goods will find their way into the office at some point
  • I was the editor of my students’ newspaper, and somehow managed to get a 2.1 as well. I wrote, reported, edited, designed, managed, photographed, led, liaised and represented for three years and loved every second
  • I will always answer my phone. It’s almost glued to me
  • I have a cute puppy. (Note: the puppy isn’t actually mine, but it is a little ball of fluff and how can you resist that face?)

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