I want your guest posts for Wannabe Hacks

hacks logoAs some of you may already know, I have been working for Wannabe Hacks for the past year, after admiring it from afar for the past two or three. It’s an online journalism resource for aspiring journalists, filled with blogs, personal experiences, how-to guides, digital media and interactive feedback from a community of journalists and wannabes. I’ve just stepped down as a co-editor of the site, and I’m now taking on the role of guest post editor. Enter: you.

I want your guest posts, which would appear on the website here.

Take a look at the website first and see what we do, and how we do it. Chances are, if you have a generic idea about your work experience, getting into journalism, tips etc… we’ve probably already done it.

I want to turn the guest post side of the site into something which brings different and unique content. I want to know about what journalism you’ve done that’s really made a difference; where you’ve exposed a big story and how you did it, a wild work experience placement that took you hitchhiking to Paris in a van with an truck-driver named Bill.

What is the media really like to work in? Have you ever been out in a war zone, did you experience the riots or an interesting or scary event as a wannabe reporter? What’s an exclusive tip you’ve got from a current journalist that you want to share? How has your experience been different from everyone else’s and most importantly – what did you learn?

Do you have an interesting take on the media today? Do you have a wicked and wonderful prediction about where the future of journalism, publishing and the media will go and evidence to back it up? Have you read something inspirational that’s just been published, attended a thought-provoking conference or seen a great (or terrible) documentary lately?

Wannabe Hacks and I want to know!

Tell me who you are, why I should listen to you, and a 100 word pitch of your idea to natasha@wannabehacks.co.uk and I’ll be in touch. I’m mostly friendly – I won’t bite much.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all the latest from the new Hacks team. They will be taking over the ropes soon and transforming the site into an even better resource for wannabe journalists.

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