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Politics, journalism, volunteering: how do I change the world?

ImageA new poll has found that Americans think that the best way to make a positive change in society is through volunteering and charities, not politics, which they see as a ‘waste of time’ as they cannot get anything done.

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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.”

Instagram: roanzone

Instagram: roanzone. The Brooklyn Academy of Music, April 15 2013.

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with a tragedy such as yesterday’s attacks on Boston, which at the present have left two dead and around a hundred injured. Some will respond with anger, some sadness, some with deference and determination to stand strong among the wreckage. Some will remain glued to CNN and Fox, others will shut it out and get on.

This is my way of dealing with it; writing, and sharing experience. For everyone who has lost a little faith in humanity today, here are a few examples of strength among the darkness. Continue reading

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Getting it right, or getting it first? Twitter in the US Election

Photo: Ethan Bloch

Twitter reporting has become, to some journalists, a necessary part of the job. However, the recent US election proved that many of them haven’t learnt their lessons from 2008, as multiple news websites had to withdraw incorrect information.

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