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Open letter to City University Journalism department

To the tutors at City University Journalism department.

I am writing this letter because I feel obliged to stand up and represent the views of some of my fellow journalism students in light of a guest lecturer we listened to as part of an entrepreneurial class yesterday (Monday 16 February 2014).

A number of us had some concerns with the speaker, and the content of his talk, and we would like to pass on these comments to you, in the hope you will consider them when planning future events and guest speakers.

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What to expect at an MA interview at City University

MADAYCity University is one of the top (they will argue that it’s the best) journalism school in Britain for doing a degree, whether that be undergraduate or postgraduate.  It’s been almost a year since I interviewed at City, and many people with interviews coming up in the next few weeks are asking me about what it was really like.

When I interviewed for my MA in newspaper journalism, I didn’t have much idea what to expect other than what a few friends who had gone the day before said (they missed out the important bits, cheers guys).

So what went on? How is it best to prepare? What did they ask? Here’s my roundup of the day – I hope you find it useful for your own interviews.

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A deluded education culture

Photography: Flickr, Xin Li 88

The education culture today is deluded, and how we see different subjects is damaging to the system itself.

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Students march for education

Approximately 50 students took part in a protest and march across university this afternoon (Wednesday 8 December) in protest against Government plans to make drastic cuts to universities and increase tuition fees.

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Government passes tuition fee vote despite student anger

The Government has passed a vote to raise the cap on tuition fees to £9000 per year today despite protests and lobbying by students from Warwick and other universities across the country.

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Day Two – Warwick Students Occupation of the Arts Centre Conference Room


8.05: After dragging myself out of bed, I’ve now found we have a small space amongst Bristol, Brighton and Leeds on the ‘Students Protest Across the UK’ page on the BBC –


More than 70 students have taken over a lecture theatre at Warwick University.

The rally in Warwick has been largely peaceful so far, police said.

But minor scuffles between students and security guards have taken place outside and inside the Centre.

It is thought some students were planning to stay overnight.”

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Warwick students occupy conference room in Arts Centre

A group around 30 students are currently occupying the Arts Centre Conference Room at the University of Warwick.

The Warwick Against the Cuts protest group began marching from the piazza on campus at around one pm today, Wednesday 24 November.

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