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What do I do with my summer?

Travelling – just one way to spend your free time this summer

The end of exams is upon us, and with summer on the horizon the words on everyone’s lips are “so, what are you doing over the holidays?”

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Remember, for the right reasons

I had never really had any strong feelings towards Remembrance Sunday until I visited the battlefields of The Somme.

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China – the route to journalism

Tash - Jinan 2011 plaque I bought from Qufu, the birthplace of Confusius. Photography: Tash Clark 2011

Visiting China made me sure I wanted to go into journalism. A bit of a sudden and unpredictable judgement, some might say, but after viewing all that China had to offer, I felt like the only thing I wanted to do was to tell people about it.

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Is sending news correspondants around the world a waste?

Newswatch has recently brought to the attention of the general public alongside numerous broadcasts from the BBC, that news readers are being increasingly sent abroad to report on current affairs around the world today. However, the argument that has been generated among this hype has sparked off numerous debates.

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