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Certainly not coming soon to a cinema near you…

… Ginge 2012, the fascinating tale of a student journalist and her hilarious roller coaster of a life.

An odd advert from the Guardian I caught on Facebook the other day (What six songs make you, you?) got me pondering about if I were to make a mini-movie about my life, what songs would feature in it. Directors and producers, please form an orderly queue.

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Thank you!

Hello to everyone who reads this blog! A massive thank you. Apparently, according to Total Politics, I’m one of the top 50 media bloggers! Couldn’t be happier at this news, thanks for reading this blog. 🙂 more posts coming soon, promise.

Keep reading, and any comments on my writing and ideas are so appreciated, so please so get in touch!

All the best, Tash x

Note 19th September 2011: I’m also in the top 300 Politics bloggers 2011! Hurrah!

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