Natasha Clark

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4 responses to “Contact

  1. Alp Mehmet

    Tash, Hi

    My daughters were in prep school – St Bede’s in Eastbourne – with a Natasha Clark. You?


  2. jackmorganjonesjack

    I just read your TIMES work experience article! Very keen on getting some such work experience over next summer (at University currently). Do you have any advice on how to apply or go about it? Thanks! Jack

    • Hi Jack. If you read the rest of my blogs on work experience, you’ll see some advice there.

      Google ‘work experience at… x’

      Email all the papers with a CV and cover letter. Have a link to your blog and clippings. Ring up the news desk to get the best emails. Email section editors too if you don’t get a response – and try tweeting people.

      Good luck!

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