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In defence of news: why we shouldn’t give up on current affairs

NC NewsflashDoes Rolf Dobelli think everyone in the world is a mindless idiot? His Guardian article certainly seems to think so. I’d like to think that I’m a fairly moderate and open mind, and as such, it’s unlikely that I will read something that I strongly disagree with. However, within a few moments of opening up this article, I was sure a detailed response needed to be written, in defence of news. Continue reading


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What’s the best way to ‘Get In’ to the BBC?


The BBC’s Journalism Trainee Scheme and Production Talent Pool attract hundreds of applications for their schemes every year. Understandably, it’s incredibly competitive.

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Give it a rest Jim, we can’t fix it.

Heads have begun rolling in the latest revelation in the Jimmy Savile affair.

It emerged yesterday that Newsnight editor, Peter Rippon, responsible for dropping a report into Savile’s sexual abuse claims has temporarily stepped aside.

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Young Apprentice – Yay or Nay?

Is Young Apprentice truly a gateway to success or just a comedy in disguise? Toby Steinberg and Natasha Clark discuss for The Boar.

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Work experience troubles

After sending off my BBC News application after over six weeks of writing it (I gave it a rest during exams) I was surprised at the rapid response of my rejection the next morning. Hours of writing about my ‘suitability’, ‘education’ and ‘experience’ about a placement for the BBC resulted in five seconds of skimming an email to tell me I’m unsuccessful and they can provide no feedback as to why.

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Is sending news correspondants around the world a waste?

Newswatch has recently brought to the attention of the general public alongside numerous broadcasts from the BBC, that news readers are being increasingly sent abroad to report on current affairs around the world today. However, the argument that has been generated among this hype has sparked off numerous debates.

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