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‘Having it all’ and why at 23 I feel under pressure to do it now

My quarter life crisis has come early, and society doesn’t like it.



I read this the other day and it resonated with me.

It talks about the taboo of having children in your early twenties — after your teenage years so you’re not seen as “irresponsible” in the eyes of your parents, but also before you hit 30, the average age a mother is when she has a child today.

I felt confused, and even more so because I didn’t know why I was feeling confused.

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Internship interviews: What I’ve learnt

Guardian Open Weekend - some thoughts on Politics

You’ve sent off countless CVs, covering letters and emails, trawled websites and poured over job alerts for hours. Finally, it’s all paid off, and you’ve been invited down to the shiny London offices for an interview for a summer internship. And it’s in three days, panic! Where do you begin after booking the train? Continue reading

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Grouping together all women as mothers will generate anger, not votes

Photograph: captain_ambiance

Last week, The Guardian revealed details of a leaked memo which contained information of future Government plans to “win back female voters”. As a woman with an interest for politics, I’m all ears.

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