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Open letter to City University Journalism department

To the tutors at City University Journalism department.

I am writing this letter because I feel obliged to stand up and represent the views of some of my fellow journalism students in light of a guest lecturer we listened to as part of an entrepreneurial class yesterday (Monday 16 February 2014).

A number of us had some concerns with the speaker, and the content of his talk, and we would like to pass on these comments to you, in the hope you will consider them when planning future events and guest speakers.

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Warwick University sector event: Working in publishing and journalism

newlookboarWarwick University hosted a careers event on the journalism and publishing sector last night, with a range of tips from professionals in the industry. Around 200 students packed into H0.51 to hear tips and tricks from the experts on working in publishing and journalism.

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Assessment centres: Think Mumford, not Muse

Warwick student caller. Photo: Warwick University, DARO

In the next few months, any finalist looking to sell their soul, sorry, secure a comfortable and well rounded future through means of a job with a well-known company, will most likely come into contact with an assessment centre. As of last weekend, I have both participated in, and also aided the running of an assessment centre (for the same job), and here are my pearls of wisdom.

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Why students will suffer from the G4S debacle

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It’s the ultimate summer job – a well-paid, temporary position that will look great on your CV. Working at the Olympic Games, a historic event to be attended by thousands, would have been a pleasure for students. Continue reading

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Saturday jobs: more than just some extra cash

Pret a Manger: More than just a Saturday job. Photo: Flickr/leff

It was reported last week in the Guardian that fewer young people are taking on ‘Saturday jobs’. Figures released by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills show that the percentage of teenagers with part-time jobs whilst at school or college has dropped from around 40 to around 20. This will have a disastrous effect on school-leavers and graduates trying to find work later in life, as it will mean they have never had the experience of a work-place.

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Young Apprentice – Yay or Nay?

Is Young Apprentice truly a gateway to success or just a comedy in disguise? Toby Steinberg and Natasha Clark discuss for The Boar.

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