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Ideas and Digital Storytelling; positive journalistic inspiration

AdamWestbrookIt was the buzz generated after being allocated my first article on international student fees at my first news meeting of The Boar that I spend my life searching to recreate today.

A fraction of that excitement has been generated by this ebook by Adam Westbrook which I’ve just finished. It’s free, only 90 short and readable pages and you can download it here for free. Yipee. Continue reading


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The Guardian’s Open Weekend – An insight into journalism?

Guardian from 1969. Photo: mikeyashworth

Last Thursday, the Guardian announced they will be opening their doors in a few weeks time, hosting a range of talks, workshops and interactive sessions on everything from sport to culture, comedy and politics. Understandably, this is stimulating a variety of responses.

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The real joy of printed photographs

Photography: Bryan Gosline

Have you ever had a clear out of your room, your attic or chest of drawers and found photos of you when you were small? You know the ones – massive dusty albums, glossy pictures that were actually printed on something? In the bath, making snow angels wrapped up in limitless layers of coats, hats and scarves, frolicking about in a few millimetres of snow?

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