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‘Having it all’ and why at 23 I feel under pressure to do it now

My quarter life crisis has come early, and society doesn’t like it.



I read this the other day and it resonated with me.

It talks about the taboo of having children in your early twenties — after your teenage years so you’re not seen as “irresponsible” in the eyes of your parents, but also before you hit 30, the average age a mother is when she has a child today.

I felt confused, and even more so because I didn’t know why I was feeling confused.

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Grouping together all women as mothers will generate anger, not votes

Photograph: captain_ambiance

Last week, The Guardian revealed details of a leaked memo which contained information of future Government plans to “win back female voters”. As a woman with an interest for politics, I’m all ears.

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The real joy of printed photographs

Photography: Bryan Gosline

Have you ever had a clear out of your room, your attic or chest of drawers and found photos of you when you were small? You know the ones – massive dusty albums, glossy pictures that were actually printed on something? In the bath, making snow angels wrapped up in limitless layers of coats, hats and scarves, frolicking about in a few millimetres of snow?

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