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What to expect at an MA interview at City University

MADAYCity University is one of the top (they will argue that it’s the best) journalism school in Britain for doing a degree, whether that be undergraduate or postgraduate.  It’s been almost a year since I interviewed at City, and many people with interviews coming up in the next few weeks are asking me about what it was really like.

When I interviewed for my MA in newspaper journalism, I didn’t have much idea what to expect other than what a few friends who had gone the day before said (they missed out the important bits, cheers guys).

So what went on? How is it best to prepare? What did they ask? Here’s my roundup of the day – I hope you find it useful for your own interviews.

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What happens when you throw 50 wannabe journalists into a room?

ImageCity University MA Newspaper Journalism 2013 – 2014 is go.

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What to expect at a journalism MA interview at Sheffield University

sheffThe crossroads of life led me to Sheffield University earlier a few weeks back for an interview for their print journalism MA.

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