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The money-saving site you own: free money and shares


[Promotional post for imutual, by Natasha Clark]

Richard Yendall is transforming the way we shop online, and getting us involved in it. Meet the money-saving site that offers you business shares in a new online business model based on mutuality.

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Saturday jobs: more than just some extra cash

Pret a Manger: More than just a Saturday job. Photo: Flickr/leff

It was reported last week in the Guardian that fewer young people are taking on ‘Saturday jobs’. Figures released by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills show that the percentage of teenagers with part-time jobs whilst at school or college has dropped from around 40 to around 20. This will have a disastrous effect on school-leavers and graduates trying to find work later in life, as it will mean they have never had the experience of a work-place.

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Is sending news correspondants around the world a waste?

Newswatch has recently brought to the attention of the general public alongside numerous broadcasts from the BBC, that news readers are being increasingly sent abroad to report on current affairs around the world today. However, the argument that has been generated among this hype has sparked off numerous debates.

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