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Saturday jobs: more than just some extra cash

Pret a Manger: More than just a Saturday job. Photo: Flickr/leff

It was reported last week in the Guardian that fewer young people are taking on ‘Saturday jobs’. Figures released by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills show that the percentage of teenagers with part-time jobs whilst at school or college has dropped from around 40 to around 20. This will have a disastrous effect on school-leavers and graduates trying to find work later in life, as it will mean they have never had the experience of a work-place.

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What do I do with my summer?

Travelling – just one way to spend your free time this summer

The end of exams is upon us, and with summer on the horizon the words on everyone’s lips are “so, what are you doing over the holidays?”

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University – an education in life

Hustings for the Students' Union Elections at Warwick - just one of many ways to get involved and learn skills at uni. Photography: Tash Clark 2011

After AC Grayling’s announcement of the New College of the Humanities to open next year charging £18,000 fees annually and it’s subsequent praise and criticisms, the future of the university is very much still in the public eye.

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Work experience troubles

After sending off my BBC News application after over six weeks of writing it (I gave it a rest during exams) I was surprised at the rapid response of my rejection the next morning. Hours of writing about my ‘suitability’, ‘education’ and ‘experience’ about a placement for the BBC resulted in five seconds of skimming an email to tell me I’m unsuccessful and they can provide no feedback as to why.

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