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Proof that women’s magazines can make you feel… okay. [personal post]

Photo: Tash Clark

[Note: this is primarily a personal post and doesn’t have a lot to do with the media. This post is for me, it’s my blog after all. Now is your chance to click the back button.]

I regularly read Glamour magazine, and despite the stigma associated with women’s magazines such as these, I do quite enjoy it.
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Mental health for students: why you need your 5 a day every day


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Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week at Warwick University, and it featured a number of engaging and inspiring talks from a range of speakers on issues from anorexia and suicide to personality disorders and depression. Whilst the awareness was brilliant, I think we need to be focusing on mental health for more than just a week – we need to be getting our 5-a-day everyday.

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We sit on street corners and smoke life away

“I hate it that you smoke. I hate loving the person that you are; the smiley, passionate, loving, talented, talkative person… that chooses the worst way possible to de-stress.”

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