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Journalists are paying the price for free news

The Boar through the ages

To go into journalism during the current climate, you must be either very brave, or very stupid. Continue reading


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Guardian debate: How to restore trust in the press

Guardian debate: Hacking and the future of the press. Photo: Tash Clark

“Once we lose reporters, we’re all fucked.” – Alan Rusbridger, Editor of the Guardian, September 29th 2011.

Everyone must be sick of hearing about, talking about and reading about hacking and the News of The World scandal by now, surely? Wrong.

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All work and no pay

Photography: thinkpublic

I started work experience 6 years before I expect my career to begin, and it’s going to be worth it.

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Can newspapers/the media ever be unbiased?

On March 26 2011, over 250,000 people protested in London as part of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) March for the Alternative. Ed Miliband spoke to crowds in Hyde Park, thousands walked through the city passing the Houses of Parliament and through Trafalgar Square in opposition to the governments’ fierce cuts. Impressive, honourable, a great achievement some would say.

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Does choice define identity? (1)

Photography: Tash Clark

[02:08:27] Conlan Day: ‘Does choice define identity’?

Ironically, as I was talking to one friend about identity and who we are, Skins showed an essay question up on one of the whiteboards. “Does choice define identity?” The following is my essay that a friend and I wrote with each other at about 2am.

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