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The boys are back in town: Sabbs re-elected

Photograph: The Boar interviews President Elect Leo Boe. Tash Clark

Leo Bøe has been elected as next year’s President of Warwick Students’ Union, announced last Saturday evening. He beat eight other candidates in the race to total 1,569 votes after nine stages of elimination through the single transferable vote system (STV), leaving runner-up Jane Costello in second place with 1,296 votes.

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Ripping up the manifestos – who did you vote for?

It’s almost midnight on the 11th of February 2010; week five is done. Elections week is finally over. No more nagging on Facebook statuses, lecture shout outs, no more hustings, group invites, kitchen tours or ‘like’ this page or I won’t be your friend anymore threats.

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