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The anti-Churnalism machine

With less and less time and fewer resources available to journalists, reliance on agency copy and press releases is increasingly tempting.

I may be a bit late to this, but I’ve just come across a project run and funded by the Media Standards Trust which aims to stamp out Churnalism and name and shame the culprits.

Check it out here.

With the ability to share information instantaneously and globally, it’s easy to take all the information at face value and rehash it a bit.

That is incredibly boring, and I’m not even sure I would describe it as work. My first few weeks at City have drastically improved my ability to develop my ideas and news stories beyond what is given, what is known and what everyone else is reporting.

I expect the next 8 months to aid me in improving what is still a vital tool for any reporter or media outlet – adding value, context and validity to a story. Without this, the Churnalism machine will destroy all jobs for journalists within ten years.


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All work and no pay

Photography: thinkpublic

I started work experience 6 years before I expect my career to begin, and it’s going to be worth it.

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