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New starts: Getting paid to watch Andrew Marr

I started blogging about journalism, work experience, careers and politics in around 2006, (back on Blogger, since transferred) and I’m really happy to say that as of August 1, I’m going to be being paid to work full time, writing about politics for a website called Politics Home.


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Politics, journalism, volunteering: how do I change the world?

ImageA new poll has found that Americans think that the best way to make a positive change in society is through volunteering and charities, not politics, which they see as a ‘waste of time’ as they cannot get anything done.

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Internship interviews: What I’ve learnt

Guardian Open Weekend - some thoughts on Politics

You’ve sent off countless CVs, covering letters and emails, trawled websites and poured over job alerts for hours. Finally, it’s all paid off, and you’ve been invited down to the shiny London offices for an interview for a summer internship. And it’s in three days, panic! Where do you begin after booking the train? Continue reading

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Guardian Open Weekend: ideas, culture and insight

Guardian cartoonists drew a mural of events at the weekend

Guardian cartoonists draw a mural of events at the weekend

I’m not going to try and answer the question ‘What is the future of newspapers?’ or ‘Is journalism dead?’ here. That’s not because I don’t want to, but because I genuinely can’t – I’m a student, not a fortune teller. That, and what a mainstream blog post that would be, really. The future of journalism was a large part, but not the entire point of the Guardian’s Open Weekend which I had the pleasure to attend. Instead, it was about ideas, culture and insight, and here’s my take on it.

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Journalists are paying the price for free news

The Boar through the ages

To go into journalism during the current climate, you must be either very brave, or very stupid. Continue reading

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Grouping together all women as mothers will generate anger, not votes

Photograph: captain_ambiance

Last week, The Guardian revealed details of a leaked memo which contained information of future Government plans to “win back female voters”. As a woman with an interest for politics, I’m all ears.

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Thank you!

Hello to everyone who reads this blog! A massive thank you. Apparently, according to Total Politics, I’m one of the top 50 media bloggers! Couldn’t be happier at this news, thanks for reading this blog. 🙂 more posts coming soon, promise.

Keep reading, and any comments on my writing and ideas are so appreciated, so please so get in touch!

All the best, Tash x

Note 19th September 2011: I’m also in the top 300 Politics bloggers 2011! Hurrah!

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